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We offer salmon and trout angling. Our location is Girvan, near Turnberry, Ayrshire, South West Scotland. Our fishing club is run by friendly, enthusiastic volunteers and we welcome local, national and international anglers to our waters

The river opens on 25th February and closes on 31st October. The reservoir is open all year round

Carrick Angling Club was founded in the year 1894 by local land owners, bankers and lawyers who loved the art of angling. It is known to be one of the oldest clubs in Scotland.

The club offers more than 3 miles of river fishing on the river Girvan, from Old Dailly all the way downstream to Newton Kennedy bridge at Nobles boat yard in Girvan. We have single bank fishing and double bank fishing, for salmon, sea trout and wild brown trout. Part of the river bank has wheelchair access.

We also have a well stocked reservoir with rainbow trout and blue trout, fly fishing only, to suit all anglers needs .

Himalayan Balsam picture
Himalayan Balsam: Club members and members of the public are asked to look out for Himalayan Balsam, a particularly virulent invasive weed on the river banks which can kill off the native vegetation and leave the river banks weak and susceptible to corrosion in the winter months. Anyone finding it should uproot it before it seeds and hang it on a nearby fence.

Latest News!

Junior Membership (under 18 - residing in KA26 or KA19 postcodes) now only £20 per year for fishing on the river and the reservoir. Ticket includes keeping up to 5 reservoir fish in the season and unlimited catch and release.

Plus! New local (KA26 or KA19 postcode) adult members can join before 31st mar without paying joining fee (Normally £47) + FREE fishing for members' children ....more info

To take advantage of these offers please contact the secretary - tel: 07900 535222 or e-mail:

For a very reasonable charge the Club offers river and still water fishing to everyone, irrespective of age and ability. Salmon and Trout fishing is available on day or week tickets. If you want to hire tackle then we can arrange that for you too. Ticket Information

We work closely with the Ayrshire Rivers Trust, they supply information on our river. Have a look at their website at Ayrshire Rivers Trust.

The club has a car park for easy access for all to get to the river safely.

The club's new fishery project is now well on its way, Carrick angling club will have more to report in the near future. Look out for photos and videos of this project as we go through the season.

Carrick angling club’s committee and members wish all anglers an enjoyable and relaxing time fishing our part of the river Girvan and the Reservoir in this picturesque South West corner of Scotland

Found in the river - A Stone Loach
stone loach picture

Stone Loaches are common fish in clear rivers and streams. They live amongst the gravel and stones of fast flowing water where they can search for food.

The most distinctive feature of this 14 cm fish is the presence of barbels around the bottom jaw, which they use to detect their invertebrate prey. The body is a mixture of brown, green and yellow.

They live on the bottom, often partly buried, and they are particularly active at night.

Carrick Angling Club offers salmon and trout fishing based in Girvan, South Ayrshire, South West Scotland.

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